In the 1980’s, the French became less and less enamored with what was becoming the “Standard Baguette”. A Baguette that was lacking in flavor; being made with the use of processed flour, full of additives and just not what it was in the 1930’s.  This lead to a nationwide plan to restore the noble reputation of this ‘Flower” of Parisian Gastronomy.


In 1993, this was accomplished with the “Bread Decree of 1993”. Regulations were put in place to solidify the appellation of what is now known as “Baguette de Tradition de Francaise”. Not your typical baguette, “Baguette Tradition” is made using an updated recipe from the 1930’s with a short kneading process, a long fermentation and the use of flour without additives. Not only is Baguette Tradition much more flavorful, but with it’s lack of additives and slower rising process, it is generally kinder to our health as well.


At Premier Cru, the selection of our products is always done with great respect for the passion, heart and soul that goes into the making of our products. We are happy to make available to you “Baguette Tradition”. For now, to ensure you are getting your product as fresh as possible; we are only offering this product via Pre-Order for collection at our location of your choice.


Place your order by Thursdays at 5:00PM with either Sarah in our English Harbour store at 736-2906 or Kave in our Friars Hill store at 480-3200 and we will have ready for you between 10:00AM and 5:00PM on Friday.


Items available are:


Baguette Tradition - $6.25ECD

Plain Croissant - $6.25

Chocolate Croissants - $6.50