Made from 70% Furmint, 20% Zeta, and the rest Harslevelu that’s all from the Discnoko Vineyard (this is one of the few estates in Tokaji to be on a single vineyard), the 5 Puttonyos offers gorgeous notes of orange blossom, honey, caramelized pineapple, and exotic flowers. It’s full-bodied, elegant, and silky, with perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. This cuvée spent 24 months in 25% new oak. The word “puttonyos” refers to the proportion of aszú berries (botrytised berries) to wine indicating the concentration of sugars. Aszú grapes are gathered in hods (baskets), called puttony in Hungarian, with a capacity of 27 litres. The aszú berries were added – from 3 to 6 puttony of aszús grapes  – to 136 litres of wine or must of the same vintage year (136 litres = capacity of a Gönci cask). the number of Puttonyos defines a level of sweetness in the wine.


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