Coeur de Savalle “A Pure Copper Expression”

Most would categorize the Antigua Distillery as a fairly young distillery as it was only established in the 1930s. Being a late bloomer, the ADL was known for its use of Copper Column Distillation Units to produce a series of light to medium-bodied rums, bursting with tropical flavors and robust aromas. Over time, as the  Distillers became more skilled, learning how to manipulate the still and experimenting with various rum specs to produce the ADL rums we know today, of which English Harbour Rum is the most famous in the range and distributed across five continents.

In 1966, the ADL commissioned a French Savalle Column Still which remained in operation until 1991 until it was replaced by a John Dore Still. The decision was then made to retain the rectification column of the Savalle Still where it was then fused with the John Dore Still creating the Hybrid Continuous Column Still we use to make our rums today.

Eight years ago, then Cellar Master decided to experiment with aging our Molasses Spirit in uncharred casks. His aim was to create a product that was as unadulterated as possible from external influences. In addition to his choice of aging in uncharred casks, he barreled the distillate as close as possible to distillation strength (80% ABV). After almost a decade and a long quiet evolution under our specific Antiguan tropical climate, the result was amazing; the rum matured to represent a jewel of purity even at pure strength. The entire team was speechless in front of such aroma, integrity, and the elegance of the Spirit.

To honor his vision, the Antigua Distillery made the decision to bottle straight from the barrel (at 73.6% Alc. by Vol.) without any blending intervention, in keeping with the initial Cellar Master’s inspiration in creating a unique one-time bottling of our Coeur de Savalle.

For such reasons, the Coeur de Savalle is considered as the pure representation of the distilleries French Savalle Rectification Colum, a true copper expression.

As Rum loves and collectors, we invite you to join us in this release of the Antigua Distilleries' first Cask Strength Expression in a series of limited releases in years to come with only 120 bottles available here on Antigua.