English Harbour


Located in the Caribbean,  Antigua, like many other Islands in the Caribbean has a history deeply rooted in Sugar Cane production. By the middle of the 18th century, approximately half of the arable land in Antigua was planted with Sugar Cane and over 150 sugar mills;  many of which are still visible today dotting the Antiguan landscape. By the early 1920’s, local rum shop culture was alive and well on the island and was the standard meeting place for men of the village to share a drink over a game of dominoes.  Rum at the time was being imported from other Caribbean Islands to be blended and aged to each rum shop owners personal preference. By 1929, a group of eight local business men of Portuguese heritage decided to get together to buy molasses in bulk and control the distillation process of their rums versus importing already distilled rum. By 1932, these men established the Antigua Distillery Limited along with their rum distillery on leased land, later purchased, on Rat Island in St. Johns Harbour. Fast forward to the present day, the Antigua Distllery Limited now buys molasses in bulk on the world market and efforts are concentrated in producing the fine rums under the labels of Cavalier Rum and English Harbour Rum and this month, we take great honor in showcasing Antigua’s very own English Harbour Rums as our Spirit Brand of the month.

English Harbour 5 Year Rum

Distilled on the world’s only Continuous Column Hybrid Copper Still; a fusion of an English and French Still made by John Dore and Savalle respectively; hailed by many as a versatile premium pour, English Harbour 5 year Rum is an impeccably smooth and light bodied Rum with superior excellence and flavor. Rich and amber in colour with aromas of mild spices, banana nut bread aromas and an off dry to medium palate of robust toffee, roasted nuts, sugared butter and brown spice flavours. Clean and elegant on the finish with lingering dark tropical fruit.

English Harbour 10 Year Rum

Evident in English Harbour 10 Year Rum, maturity has no limits! Tropically aged in once used Bourbon casks, characteristics of Whisky clearly reveal themselves in this Spirit. Initially soft and closed with smoky oaky flavors, well balanced with notes of citrus, dried fruit, vanilla and burnt sugar. On the nose, aromas of coconut, cinnamon and tropical florals prepare you for a palate of butterscotch followed by thick coffee and baked apple. A smoky cedar body that lasts throughout the finish revealing hints of spice, cardamom, rosemary, caramel and ripe blackberries. Mellow, rich and luscious, English Harbour 10 Year is best enjoyed with a block of ice or a splash of water.

English Harbour Cask Finish Rums

Crafted and released to celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the Antigua Distillery, three cask types were chosen carefully based on their historic connection with either the company or the Island of Antigua. Each finish starts with English Harbour 5 Year Rum at the base, after being aged for 5 years in traditional Bourbon barrels.  The Rum is then disgorged and finished in authentic Port, Sherry or Madeira Cask.  On completion of finishing, 5% of 10 year old rum is added the final blend. The product is then bottled at 46% using a non-chill filtered method to maintain the true flavor of the product.

English Harbour Madeira Cask Finish

Finished in casks sourced from Blandy’s, a mix of Bual, Sercial, Malvasia and Tinta, giving the Madeira Cask Finish a complexity not easy to describe. Bright gold in colour with a warm nose of walnuts and hazelnuts followed by bright cinnamon, marzipan and fresh citrus and finally a palate that is soft and floral leading to more marzipan as in the nose with white chocolate and a bright citrus and pumpkin spice ending. Enjoy this rum on its own or with tangy hard cheeses.

English Harbour Port Cask Finish

With Portuguese founders a part of our heritage, the use of extremely old port casks sourced from the Royal Oporto Company was a natural decision. Previously used to age Vintage Tawny Port, this finish offers a rum of amber in colour with faint pink hues. On the nose, nuances of dried fruit and prunes, followed by a nuttiness opening into mixed dried citrus peel, dried ginger and black pepper. On the palate, warm ginger and dried prunes lead to a mid-palate of leather, fresh cracked black pepper and forest fruit with a pleasant tobacco leaf finish. Enjoy this rum on its own or with rich dark chocolates and mixed berries.